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Present Perfect


Presente Perfecto

Para qué se usa el tiempo Presente Perfecto?

Por regla general, se lo utiliza para describir acciones que empezaron en el pasado y que aún no han finalizado o que guardan alguna relación con el presente.


Para formar el presente perfecto simple necesitamos el presente simple del verbo "to have" (tener, haber) y el participio de pasado de otro verbo. Para formar el participio de pasado de los verbos regulares añadimos "-ed" al verbo.


To have

I have

You have

He, She, It has

We have

You have

They have

Exercise “have or has”

Fill the gaps with 'have' or 'has'.

1. I _______answered the question.

2. She_______ opened the window.

3. They _______called us.

4. You_______ carried a box.

5. It_______ rained a lot.

6. We_______ washed the car.

7. He_______ closed the window.

8. Jenny_______ locked the door.

9. The girls_______ visited the museum.

10. John and Sophie_______ helped in the garden.



Para formar oraciones en Presente Perfecto, debo conocer cuál es el Pasado Participio de los verbos. Cabe anotar que, el pasado de los verbos REGULARES, es igual al Pasado Participio.

Irregular Verb Exercises / Put in the verbs in the correct forms.

Example: give - ____ - _____

Answer: give - gave - given

go ____________ ____________

say ____________ ____________

do ____________ ____________

come ____________ ____________

have ____________ ____________

stand ____________ ____________

make ____________ ____________

buy ____________ ____________

sit ____________ ____________

swim ____________ ____________

speak ____________ ____________

see ____________ ____________

write ____________ ____________

sing ____________ ____________

run ____________ ____________


Positive Sentences in Present Perfect Simple / Write positive sentences in present perfect simple


1. Bob / visit / his grandma

Bob has visited his grandma

2. Jimmy / play / on the computer

3. Sue and Walter / wash / their car

4. Andrew / repair / his bike

5. Phil / help / Anne with maths

6. Brad and Louise / watch / a film

7. Tamara / talk to / her best friend

8. Bridgette / draw / a picture

9. Carol / read / a computer magazine

10. Tom and Alice / be / to a restaurant

Negative Sentences in Present Perfect Simple

Para formar las oraciones Negativas, sólo es necesario agregar NOT al auxiliar, que en este caso es el verbo TO HAVE.

I have studied English I have not studied English

Write negative sentences in present perfect simple.

The weather was wonderful today. So the children were in the park all afternoon and have not done their household chores:


1. Sarah / not / wash the dishes

Sarah has not washed the dishes.

2. Anita / not / clean the kitchen

3. Maureen and Gavin / not / water the plants

4. Joey / not / make his bed

5. David / not / buy milk

6. Lisa / not / be to the baker's

7. Aran and Jack / not / do their homework

8. Jane and Ben / not / tidy up their rooms

9. Alex / not / feed the hamster

10. Hazel / not / empty the bin

Para formar oraciones interrogativas, cuya respuesta sea Yes o No, sólo es preciso escribir el auxiliary ( Have o Has) al principio de la oración.

I have studied English for two years Have you studied English for two years?

Write questions in present perfect simple.


1. you / answer / the question

Have you answered the question?

2. Jenny / lock / the door

3. Walter / call / us

4. you / see / the picture

5. your parents / get / the letter

6. it / rain / a lot

7. how often / we / sing / the song

8. Maureen / watch / the film

9. how many books / Bob / read

10. ever / you / be / to London

Questions with Interrogative Particles in Present Perfect Simple ( Wh Questions)

Ask for the information in the bold part of the sentence.

I have been in the garden. -

My sister has cooked dinner.

My computer has crashed. -

Fred has done his homework.

Gavin has stopped at the corner.

Catherine has cleaned the house because she is having a party tonight.

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